Monday, March 11, 2013


The Autometer GS
Series Pyrometer
Turing the weldable
exhaust bung to a reasonable
size for the header
On the list of gages that I’m adding to the dash is a pyrometer. A pyrometer measures the temperature of the exhaust gas and is the fastest indication that your are overloading the engine. If you are towing or hauling heavy loads (both of which I want to be prepared to do though I don’t think I’ll be doing either all that often) you need an exhaust gas temp gauge. That gauge will tell you that the motor is overloaded long before the coolant temperature rises high enough to give you an indication that something is wrong. In fact by the time the coolant temp rises to show a problem you have probably already fried your exhaust valves and turbo. Here is where I welded in the bung for the EGT probe. It’s better IMO if it goes in front of the turbo but I didn’t want to get into drilling and welding the old cast iron exhaust manifold. Placing it after the turbo is perfectly acceptable but you have to take into account the temperature drop across the turbo. About 200 to 300degF.
An original McMaster Weldable
1/8NPT Bung and the re-sized
final piece.
The Probe installed behind
the turbo
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