Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chassis Paint

Eastwood's Satin 2K Chassis paint over PPG DP90LF Black Epoxy Primer, Shot with a Sharpe Cobalt with 1.4mm tip at 25psi at the gun.I'll let you know how it dries.

Update: The satin finish is very nice. I like it better in this application than the flatter finish of un-topcoated Zero-Rust.It is also very tough. I painted a test piece and after letting the paint dry for 48 hours I tried to scratch it and even tried dropping on to the concrete floor of the shop. The marks and scrapes were so minor as to be hard to see.We'll see how it holds up to being underneath a truck on the road but I think I have also found an excellent paint for Motorcycle frames when powdercoating isn't an option.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Body Panels

The rusted but solid inner fender

After media blasting

Mixing Zero Rust 4:1 for spraying

Sharpe Colbolt with a 1.4mm tip.
Everything got either PPG DP90 black epoxy primer or Zero Rust. Top coated with Eastwoods semi glos chassis black.
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The Tank Selector Valve

Being fuel injected the tank selector has to be able to accommodate the spill over or return from the injectors. you could pip this into one tank but then you run the risk of forgetting it overflowing that tank.this valve was from a marine supply will work quite nicely.