Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Main Tank Return Line

I mounted the return line fitting on the aux tank a while ago. Tonight I got around to doing it to the main tank. This is the tank that is inside the cab behind the seat. Now that both tanks have their firings I can start running the ¼” aluminum tubing for the return lines to the selector valve and from the Injector bypass on the motor. The Bung is a steel weld in piece from McMaster that I turned dome in the lathe so that I didn’t need to drill such a big hole in the tank. After drilling this hole removed the sending unit and  ran a magnet along the bottom to pick up as many steel chips as I could. Then after stripping off the paint around the hole I sliver soldered the bung in place. This tank has been empty and open to the air for over 6 months now so all traces of gas fumes are long gone. Placing the torch to the bung to solder didn’t present any problem. After Soldering I bolted the sending unit back in place. Next time I mix up some Cordova Orange paint I’ll cover the gray primer.

The turned Down 1/8"NPT Bung From MCMaster

After Silver Soldering
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Friday, February 8, 2013


Bear installing Dynamat Extreem sound control mat.
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Clutch Master Cylinder In

I wound up having to order a new master cylinder as the old one just wouldn’t go back together. It came and here it is mounted in the firewall.  Also you can see in the picture is the sound proofing matting that my friend Bear did an amazing job installing. I’ll post more pictures of that shortly. The master cylinder is held in place by a shaft color that locks with a ring into a recessed groove in the body. Chris  is doing the install and he turned the little plastic wings off the master cylinder body which is how it usually mounts in the OEM application. Turing the wings off allowed the master to fit easily through a hole placed in the firewall and allowed the shaft collar to clamp right onto the groove the is already in the master cylinder body.