Monday, April 30, 2012

Opening Salvo

This is probably as misguided as most of my other ideas. or at least as much as most of my brilliant ideas turn out to be, but here goes. I have always appreciated vintage cars trucks and motorcycles. My first car was a 1968 Ford mustang/rolling tribute to Iron oxide. through the years there have been a slew of Triumphs (both cars and bikes) Nortons and a few American 4 wheeled disasters from the 60's (mostly). Parallel to my interest in 60's era cars, trucks and bikes has been a fascination with diesels and now BioDiesel. So when I recently bought a truck that was worthy of a little investment the first though I had, beyond the metal flake paint job it must receive, was stuffing a Cummins 6BT turbo diesel into it's cavernous engine bay. Onward through the fog!