Sunday, April 28, 2013

Optima Battery Box I Made

Posted by PicasaThis is the battery box and hold downs I made to hold the 1000CCA Optima 8002-002 Battery I bought for this truck. The battery needs to be relocated to the driver’s side because on the Cummins that is where the starter and ground cables are. Luckily the front fender on that side is reinforced and I believe that it was to be able to run a second battery for the Camper special.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Self Portrait

Cutting holes for the Intercooler plumbing.
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Low Profile Electric Fan Installed

I guess you can’t see it from the angle that these pictures were taken from, but the B-Cool fan actually has a very good amount of clearance.This one is rated at 1600CFM which is lower that what the twin stock fans are rated for. however I wont be running air conditioning so the ac condenser will lower the requirement of the amount of cooling air pulled over the radiator. I hope I have enough. I do have room to install a second smaller fan if necessary.
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The New Aluminum Radiator

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Starting The Wiring

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