Saturday, July 20, 2013


The front right fender was
never quit right

LED Day running lights in the
headlights. A little Cheesey Bling
Well about as finished as it’s going to get here. The grill needs to be welded but I’m not qualified to do that. I’m going to have my friend Scott do that at his place sometime soon. I also want to install airbags into the rear suspension but that too is going to have to wait as I don’t need them right now and I’m way out of mooola. I just need to drive the truck out of the shop and find a friendly flat bed wrecker to help me get it off the loading dock and it is on the road. Once down I’ll take it and have the front end aligned then I can finally put it to work. And I have plenty of things she is needed for waiting. I was able to get to the DMV and get it registered yesterday so she should be all set for shakedown drives immediately. BTW the headlights are 7" United Pacific Halogen replacements from Summit Racing. You have the modify the back of the head light shells a bit but it is dead simple to make them fit.
The modified Grille is the only
thing that gives away the
change in engines.

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