Monday, January 7, 2013

Engine Mounts

Driver Side Aluminum Angle
Plate and Frame Holes

Here are the finished motor mount spacers. I’m using the stock Dodge rubber motor mounts (pillow blocks) and Chris made these spacers to bolt everything up to the frame. As you can see we drilled holes on the cross member to accommodate the bolts that hold the whole thing in place. The engine fits best when placed slightly off center (toward the passenger side) and tilted slightly back. This is good for a number of reasons. First is that the 260ci V8 that came in the truck was also mounted slightly off center toward the passenger side and therefore there is slightly heavier front suspension spring on that side already. Second the rearward slant will help a bit in draining oil into the deeper part of the sump and lastly it straightens out the driveline somewhat for sell stress on the universal joints of the drives haft. In order to facilitate the slant Chris milled 2 aluminum plates at an angle that will keep the pillow blocks from twisting when bolted to the frame. On the passenger side, due to the engine being slightly shifted over the pillow block will bold through the aluminum space directly to the frame cross member. On the driver side there needed to be an additional spacer made. This was welded together from 1-1/2 square steel tubing and 12ga plate steel. The last picture shows how it will sit on top of the aluminum angle plate. The motor will go in this afternoon and I will post pictures of the final assembly when I can.
Passenger Side Aluminum
Angle Plate
Driver Side Aluminum Angle

Driver Side Aluminum Angle
Plate With Steel Weldment atop
Steel Welded Spacer 

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