Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Main Tank Return Line

I mounted the return line fitting on the aux tank a while ago. Tonight I got around to doing it to the main tank. This is the tank that is inside the cab behind the seat. Now that both tanks have their firings I can start running the ¼” aluminum tubing for the return lines to the selector valve and from the Injector bypass on the motor. The Bung is a steel weld in piece from McMaster that I turned dome in the lathe so that I didn’t need to drill such a big hole in the tank. After drilling this hole removed the sending unit and  ran a magnet along the bottom to pick up as many steel chips as I could. Then after stripping off the paint around the hole I sliver soldered the bung in place. This tank has been empty and open to the air for over 6 months now so all traces of gas fumes are long gone. Placing the torch to the bung to solder didn’t present any problem. After Soldering I bolted the sending unit back in place. Next time I mix up some Cordova Orange paint I’ll cover the gray primer.

The turned Down 1/8"NPT Bung From MCMaster

After Silver Soldering
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