Saturday, August 25, 2012

Test Fitting the Engine

Looks like it will be a fairly straight forward fit. We may have to notch the cross right in front of the transmission (looks like a brace by the front suspension mounts for adding extra torsional rigidity to the frame) because there is a boss for the transmission drain plug that makes it impossible to slide the transmission back. if this is all we have to do before we fabricate the engine mount towers then we are way better off than we thought we would be. it looks like the oil pan on the Cummins will clear the main frame cross member and still leave room for the steering linkages underneath. On the other conversions I've seen there was a need to notch the main cross member but I believe those trucks were 4x4's and there for a different frame. I'll have better pictures after we put the motor in place for real measurements. At this point I have to degrease de-rust and paint the frame before any of that happens. I will also be completely redoing all the brake lines with stainless steel hard lines and then re-bushing and rebuilding the entire front end with new springs and steering linkages.  
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